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Sell my house fast because the clock is ticking
“Yes, I need to sell my house”

When The clock is ticking fast & you need to sell your house fast simply call our team at Selling your home can be made very easy by calling (915)800-0924. Our Sell House Fast Team is El Paso’s #1 trusted property acquisitions team in the nation. We buy El Paso homes & have made it easier for many householders in Texas and other cities in the US in all kinds of circumstances. Our company offers Quickness, simplicity & Comfort when selling your house. We have been El Paso area owned and operated since 2001. We have a military veteran on our team that has worked with many hundreds of homeowners, giving them the ability to sell their property speedily. As other Sell my house fast investors do, we also buy in “AS-IS” condition and offer to buy your place for a reasonable cash price tag that will let us make a profit. We have saved a lot of people from dealing with Property foreclosure or living behind on payments, working through an unfriendly divorce, selling an inherited home fast and much more. Everyone around here knows that I’m into real estate. These people always tell me sell my house fast and I buy it.  All you have to do is contact us.

Selling my house fast – made easy!

“I tried and I can’t sell my home!” Does this problem sound awfully similar to something you went through… So you tried for sale by owner. You put the FOR SALE sign in the lawn, perhaps paid for ads in the El Paso Times or other news papers, maybe tried posting your property on El Paso craigslist, dealt with real estate agents, and perhaps you’ve obtained some offers, but not one of them actually went through and bought your home?

Sell house fast in El paso tx
Selling my house was so easy with! One call fixed it all!

Don’t worry. We make selling your house fast Easy! Size, condition, location, type of home, it doesn’t make a difference because our real estate investors are seeking to buy homes to fix and or flip/rent. Our REI (real estate investments) team can pay cash for your property, and our team will quickly. We will close as soon as title clears.

We are a small but well financed group of El Paso quick home buyers in search of properties. Yes we can buy property just like yours. If you call and say sell my house fast, we are able to make you a significantly tempting NO OBLIGATION cash offer to buy your home fast.

If you really want to sell your home fast and you don’t mind taking less than your house is worth then call us.  We’ll be able to buy it TODAY if you accept our cash offer. Yes, we can write it up in a real estate contract. So we commit to it and start the paperwork.


Sell myWhy choose We can close fast. More accurately, we can close the deal with you amazingly quick.  In some cases we have settled the transaction in as little as 7 business days. Wow! Talk about selling us your house fast ehh? And to make things even better with us there are other benefits –No Pressure –  No appraisals – No repairs – No waiting (you can even sell us your home on weekends) – Any Condition or Situation -Any Location in El Paso TX. Yes. Just a Fast house sale.

Sell my house fast

We have a real estate solutions experts nicknamed El Paso Fast House Sale.  Why do we mention about our in house associate? Because we’ere a real estate services company that’s an investment firm ans well as a compnay that specializes in helping El Paso homeowners get rid of Ugly burdensome houses very fast. We are not just REI investors but also savvy problem solvers that love to and can buy your Texas house fast. It all starts with a call from you to our El Paso Fast House Sale representative who’ll give you a tempting all cash offer.

fast house sale

A fast house sale is sometimes necessary as home ownership is full of surprises. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Selling your real estate and renting to do damage control can sometimes be of help. As Forbes duly noted on The Real Estate Surprises Every Home Seller Should Be Aware Of – “A sales price is determined by multiplying the area sold by the price per square foot, so having an accurate square footage just may put more money in a seller’s pocket!” So we will show you how we get to a fair cash offer for a fast house sale.

Sell my home Fast

We sincerely understand how hard it’s when a financial hurdle rolls out of control. These troubles hit and the importance of selling fast and quickly become more important than selling at full price and getting every penny of equity out of your home. At some point some people actually scream “sell my house fast!” to their realtor but the realtor is locked into the market. We are not. We are buyers!

Say maybe you might have to sell fast because of a personal reason that’s private and you don’t want to discuss it. All you need to tell is is – I want to sell my home fast and we’ll go out and look at your house then give you a fair cash offer to buy your real estate.

Don’t like doing paperwork? We can do it for you.

El Paso

When you sell your El Paso TX house to a real estate investor like us, you usually do not have to pay for charges such as title policy, realtor fees and inspectors fees of which you usually end up paying when selling to an ordinary buyer in todays El Paso Market. We also do not charge any type of commissions (reasonable or not) for buying your house; thereby you don’t incur any cost since they take care of everything that is involved. Another thing to keep in mind about El Paso and about owning property in this beautiful city is that it is heavy on property tax. I have lived in many cities but this one is a fast growing city with an amazing economy but the property taxes are pretty hefty. So the longer it takes you to sell your El Paso home the more property taxes you end up paying. We’ll buy it asap, and as soon as we are the legal owners we’ll be fully responsible for paying the El Paso property taxes on that property.

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