How to Sell Your Home in El Paso Without a Realtor

sell your home in el paso

If you’re looking to sell your home in El Paso, and you’d like to profit quickly, don’t spend unnecessarily on a realtor! With a little guidance, you can pull off a private sale without breaking the bank or having to check yourself into a psych ward afterward.

Look for companies offering quick, cash sales and reliable sellers, and educate yourself with these practical pointers.

How to Sell Your Home in El Paso–Minus the Realtor

It can be done, we promise! These pointers will help you figure it out.

1. Price Your House Appropriately

The first step to selling the home is naming the price of it, and you should look to resources such as paper and online listings to get an idea.

Look at the value of similarly-sized homes and consider the features they have or don’t have in comparison. Consult with a recent home buyer/seller or reach out to friends who’ve had previous experience with real estate in your area.

2. Give Your House a Spring Cleaning

Even if it’s in the dead of winter, give your house the ultimate cleaning–from the baseboards to the ceiling fans. You don’t have to spend money on professional cleaning (though it’s also a good option) to do a good job.

Consider all the materials you’ll have to clean and only purchase a small handful of solutions or tools to use.

3. Take Quality Pictures

Long before anyone dials your number and asks to see the house, they’ll spend hours scrolling through online archives of available homes.

Sites like Trulia and Zillow offer viewers dozens of crisp, quality images for buyers to digest and imagine living in that home. Hire a photographer, borrow a high definition camera, or rent equipment if you have to.

Expenses on photography are only a minimal cost considering the immensely greater potential for sale.

4. Market Where Buyers Are

A “for sale” sign in the yard is an inexpensive way to market to the casual passerby or neighbor. Securing a sale, though, requires sellers to meet buyers online, where about half of them at least do their home shopping.

Those quality photos you took will come in handy in online ads (such as Craigslist) or through local online listing websites. Don’t forget to mention the sale and include pictures on social media sites to raise awareness in your closest circles.

5. Hold Open Houses

The average private home sale can’t be completed without the buyer first viewing and assessing the house in-person. Buyers need to verify facts from listing sources and tour the house and property to gauge the look and feel of it all.

A clean, inviting house that is staged appropriately will leave a strong and positive impression on those who tour it. Consider hosting open houses throughout the week during the evenings, after everyone is home from work.

When in Doubt, Talk With the Professionals

At, our goal is to offer quick cash sales for sellers who are disinterested in the real estate process.

If you’re looking to sell your home in El Paso, know that you have many resources and alternatives to real estate agents at your disposal. Find out more today!

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